Thinking about moving to kelowna for a few months..

just wanted to let you know that I actually have the hugest girl crush on you omg and I love your blog tons xx
- defendp0p-punk

Well you’re adorable so I followed back : *

Darling you're gorgeous. Would you post a selfie with your hair back?
- Anonymous

Ew km I look gross as fuck with my hair all tied back but if you say so ill do so later tonight

So last night I hung out with this boy. Total cutie had a good time for the most part till he raged about Instagram and tumblr and how I should go out in the real world cause it’s all fake the one I’m in. I explained to him how happy I was when I met my friend in Anaheim for the first time. And he was like that’s just stupid meeting people online. He was just bitching non stop. In all honestly I need to know if this has to do with him not having anything to do with social media. Cause I know lots of guys who have social media websites that think it’s awesome. Idk it just made me so mad and I don’t even want to talk to him Ahhahah


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Hi I’m bored 🙊


everyone’s having their mid-life crises at like 19